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Applicable for all kind of armature for dynamic balancing test or correction.
Model : TMW-515/NB-307A

1. Adopting double-axis turning reduction design which is convenient to choose the turning position. 

2. The clamping fixture has front-to-back and angular positioning functions for more precise turning.

3. The single-chip central processing unit microcomputer assists the operator to control machine to achieve accuracy, stability and simplify operation. 

4. Digital meter represent.

5. Super noise immunity which can resist all noise interference in the factory. 

6. Touch screen for left and right power switch which increase the longevity of the device. 

7. Automatically maintain each specific value after power outage.

8. Microcomputer automatically temperature compensation and loop alignment. 

9. Adopting flashing which is much easier to identify unbalancing angel. 

10. The unbalance is displayed as an average value and target with speed (rpm) filter which is excellent for detect small vibrations.