About Us

 Established in Taiwan in 1992, Teamwork Automation Machinery Co., Ltd. has always embraced the principles of machinery replacement for labor and machinery enhanced by technologies. We have continuously devoted ourselves to R&Ds on automated machines. Currently, carbon brush and series motors for automation production equipment are our major product, which has earned much praise and excellent word of mouth from the industries in Taiwan and on the global stage. Based on the efforts and encouragement from customers for many years, Teamwork Automation Machinery has always followed the corporate guidelines of carefulness, technology, leadership and innovation as our objectives with a view to establishing the No. 1 brand in the domestic industry.

   The R&D group of Teamwork Automation Company specialized in research develop and innovate various automatic winding machine equipment continuously in passed years, provides customers with choice of fully function and variety. These products are not only to obtain various international patents innovation, but also had been exported to U.S.A., India, China, Japan, South Eastern Asia, etc. countries. And products acquired satisfaction and support from customers worldwide due to products with high quality and stability.